The Last Day of School!
Woo hoo! It is time for summer. Summer is a busy time for everyone, even this insect! Thanks for participating in ELO and on behalf of all the teachers, HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!

Today’s Activities

Read it!

It seems like we see a lot of these insects right around the time school starts up again. Keep your eyes peeled for these when you go back to school, but in the meantime, are you ready for an awesome summer? See how this praying mantis spends its summer days in the book, “My Awesome Summer by P. Mantis”.


Praying mantises love to eat bugs! Analyze the bugs on this math graph. Can you answer the questions?


Learn more about “Nature’s Perfect Predator” in this video. Write down three interesting facts that you discovered.

Life cycle

Check out this diagram of the praying mantis life cycle and then watch this video to see the life cycle in action!

let's Dance

Your summer will be much different that of P. Mantis! Summer is AWESOME! Celebrate summer by dancing to this song.

Silly Journals

In the book, P. Mantis keeps a journal of his daily activities. Here is a really fun silly summer journal for you to fill out. Be prepared to laugh!!

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Growth Mindset

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