Growth Mindset
Do you know what a growth-mindset is? Have you ever felt afraid to try something new because you don’t know how it will turn out? If so, you are not alone and you might relate to the character in today’s story.

Today’s Activities

read it!

Sometimes words have a lasting effect on us. Some of us remember positive words that pushed us to persevere, and others remembered unkind words that caused us to feel defeated.  Think about the words in this story, “The Dot.”


In second grade you are learning how to use estimation strategies to make reasonable estimates. This fun game will help you practice that skill!


Did you know over 120 countries participate in International Dot Day? International Dot Day is on September 15th.

Watch the author of “The Dot,” Peter Renyolds, talk about his work.


Connect the Dots Challenge! This is a fun game to play with a partner. It takes some planning and critical thinking to win the game. Good luck!

Get moving!

Do the motions to The Dot story!

Create it!

Now take a look at this sample art and make your own dot inspired artwork. Maybe you want to add a motivational message!

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