Worms, Worms, Everywhere!
Nature and Outdoor Adventures Yahoo! Today is awesome! Worms, Worms, Everywhere! By the way, we are having grilled worm sandwiches for lunch today.

Today’s Activities


How do you feel about worms? Find out more about worms in this video and on this fact sheet.


Fish love to eat worms! Try this fun fish math paper.

Pick your favorite number and write three subtration problems with the answer being your favorite number. Mine is 49.






After watching this video, answer the following questions in your journal.

Would worms be in the library?

What type of environment would worms live in?


Our Earth is filled up with landfills and garbage. After viewing this video, write In your journal about how you can start using worms at your house.

Get moving

Create dance moves. Have someone copy you. Do the worm dance on the floor and wiggle. Do the cheetah dance and run in place. Choose 10 different dances.

get creative

Worm Painting

Cut 6 or more pieces of string all different lengths. 6 or more different colors of paint: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Paper Drag a string through a color and drop it on the paper. Repeat with several colors. Try dropping, dragging, zig zaging the string like a worm across the page. Experiment and have fun!

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