The Last Day of School!
Congratulations, first graders! You have made it to the last day of school! This year certainly did not end the way any of us hoped it would. Thank you, though, for continuing to stay engaged and learning even while you were at home. Tomorrow starts your summer vacation! You have earned it!

Today’s Activities


Listen to this story, “The Night Before Summer Vacation.” In the story, the family was planning for their summer vacation. Do you have any plans for your summer vacation? If you could go anywhere this summer, where would you go? Draw a picture of your perfect getaway. List some things you would need to take with you. Remember to use commas to separate each item in your sentence. Here is a sample suitcase that you could use, instead.


Can you imagine if you saw a real live alligator, up close, on your summer vacation? What would you do?

Some people say that if an alligator runs at you, you should run in a zigzag pattern to avoid getting caught. Let’s review greater than, less than, and equal to with this BrainPop video. Use the trick about the open alligator mouth eating the bigger number to compare these numbers.


Many people like to go camping during the summer. Others like to set up a tent and sleep in their yard. Have you ever done either of these?

Today’s challenge is to build a tent using materials that you have at home. Some suggested materials include: construction paper, toothpicks, marshmallows, straws, foil, craft sticks, tissue paper, pieces of fabric and tape. The tent must be able to stand by itself. Additionally, it must be at least 5 inches tall at its highest point.

It might be fun to add some extra details next to your tent like pebbles for a fire ring, trees and plants, and maybe even a river or lake nearby.


Meet the residents of the Everglades National Park in southern Florida. Find the Everglades National Park on this map of Florida.

get moving!

Sing and dance to this Summertime Chicka Boom!

get creative

Make a sign that says Last Day of School and have someone take your picture holding it. Send it to your family and friends and to your teacher. Have a wonderful summer.

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