Outdoor Safety
Welcome back and let us continue to get ready for summer fun! Today we are going to be learning all about being safe while enjoying the outdoors.

Today’s Activities


“Do your part, be water smart!” Watch these water safety videos and complete the activity sheets that follow.

Try It!

Before you head outside, watch this video that explains why we have to wear sunscreen and protective clothing. Build a swimming pool…look around your house for materials that might work, such as:

  • straws
  • foil
  • sticks
  • pencils
  • tape
  • glue
  • plastic sandwich bags

Brainstorm ideas with your family and how to construct your pool. Your swimming pool may be any size or shape. Predict if your pool can hold water, then observe, and try again!

Get moving!

Before heading outside to ride your bike, watch these bicycle safety videos.

Get Creative!

Watch this step-by-step video that shows you how you can draw your dream bicycle helmet! Have fun designing and coloring it to match your personality.

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