Outdoor Adventures: Ants, Ants, Everywhere!
Yahoo! Today is awesome! Ants, Ants, Everywhere!

Today’s Activities

Make it!

You are going to design a menu. Each item on the menu needs to have ants in the ingredients. List your items with a price. Make sure they are as funny as can be.


Aunt Ant’s Restaurant Fried Ants with ranch……………..$22.56

Ant Chip ice cream……………… ..$14.92


Have you ever heard of the song, “The Ants Go Marching”? They usually go one by one. Practice your math skills and have the ants march by other numbers!

  • Count by 2s to 100
  • Count by 4s to 100
  • Count by 5s to 100
  • Count by 8s to 100
  • Count by 10s to 100

Ant Facts!

Watch this cool BrainPop video about ants. In your journal write about three incredible facts that you learned about ants.



Explore and find out how many different types ants can you find that live in the world? Write them all down in your journal.

Ant Obstacle Course

Design an ant obstacle course and have your family members walk and run it. The course can be over logs, rocks, and up and down hills.

Get Creative!

You have a lot about ants today, in your journal, draw different types of ants and label their parts.

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