Eating Healthy!
Summer Vacation Starts soon! It is important all year round to stay healthy, by eating right and getting lots of exercise!

Today’s Activities

listen and Write

Listen to “Jack and the Hungry Giant, Eat Right with My Plate.” Then do this worksheet –The Foods You Eat. What do you eat more of? Healthy or Not Healthy Foods?


A healthy plate of food is divided into parts. The plate is the ‘whole’ and the part of each category of food can be labeled as a fraction or part of the whole.

In first grade we only focus on the whole, halves and fourths, but if you make the eighths you will be able to play tomorrow’s game. We can make fraction strips to help us see parts of the whole. Watch this linked video to see how to make this fraction strips kit.  If your parent or a sibling can make a kit, too you will be able to play a game together in tomorrow’s lesson!


Time to do some data collection and investigating. First watch this video and see how Sid the Science Kid and his friends investigate and collect data based on what is in their lunch boxes. Then follow these directions to collect data about what is on your plate at breakfast, lunch and dinner.You will need to print three copies of this plate for each meal of your day.

Make it!

You can make a Healthy Plate from the story use this packet to help you. You are using data from the story so you may have to go back and read again, if there are things you cannot remember.

Try It!

Piet Mondrian was an abstract painter for most of his painting career as an artist. Watch this video and you will see the work that he is known for and as you watch, see if you notice fractions? Do you see parts of the whole? When you are done watching, you can create your own work in the style of Piet Mondrain using your fraction strips. Use this worksheet to see what you will need to create your work of art.

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