States of Matter
States of Matter

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States of Matter Scavenger Hunt: Do you think there are examples of each state of matter in your house? Can you hunt for five examples of each state?

Find five examples of gases, solids, and liquids. Make a chart to write each down. Next, let’s explore how states of matter can change. Read Changes from to learn about how heating or cooling a substance can create changes that can be observed. Sometimes they are reversible and sometimes they are not.

This short science book can be read aloud, and your child can take digital notes of important details or questions while they are reading.


Let’s listen to this great song from Numberock for 3D Shapes Song For Kids | Spheres, Cylinders, Pyramids, Cubes, & Cones. These are all solids and fun math shapes.

Listen to this great song from Numberock for measurements of solids and liquids. Ounces , Pounds, & Tons Song ★ Customary Units of Measurement.

Milk and Soap Experiment

Use soap, food coloring, and milk to do this fun experiment with The Wonder of Science. This hands-on experiment explores what milk is made of. Did you know that milk is made up of water, fat, and proteins? What will happen to the milk when dish soap is added to the plate? Let’s explore together.

Do you know the properties of liquids, solids, and gases? Join Jack Hartman to sing along to this interactive video about the three states of matter. How many liquids, solids, and gases can you name?

Changing States of Matter

Let’s join Moby with this fun video about Changing States of Matter from BrainPOP Jr. Take a five-question quiz to show what you have learned.

Get moving!

Water can exist either as a solid (ice), a liquid (water), or a gas (water vapor). Water on the surface of the earth is constantly changing between these three states. Dance with the cool guys of Blazer Fresh to explore the states of matter in the water cycle.

Sing along to the lyrics on this YouTube video for the Second Grade Matter Song from Have Fun Teaching.

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