Welcome to ELO. This is an exciting week of learning about the sun and moon and patterns in the sky. Today, you are going to be learning about shadows. Let’s hope that the sun stays out today so you can see yours!

Today’s Activities


Before you read, “The Day I Met My Shadow“, tell someone what you already know about shadows. Have you ever seen your shadow before? Where have you seen your shadows? What does your shadow look like?

Watch and listen to the story a second time. Make a list of high frequency or sight words that you hear or see in the story.


Let’s measure shadows today! Choose 2-3 items from your house. Take the items outside and set them down. Adjust them as necessary so that a shadow can be observed. Use sidewalk chalk to trace the shadow, or use tape or string to mark the length of the shadow. Use a ruler or another type of non standard unit (pebbles, cheerios, toothpicks, etc) to measure the length of the shadow. Record this on a piece of paper.

It is also important to note where the sun is in the sky during your observation. Leave the items right where they are and make a plan to repeat this same process at a different time of the day. Make a prediction about what will happen to your shadow in the afternoon. How did the shadows’ length and position change when you measured them a second time? Challenge: Use a measuring tape to measure your own shadow. You will need a helper to trace your shadow.


Remember first graders, shadows are made when an object blocks light.

Watch this short video about shadows. Go for a shadow walk! Bring an adult or sibling along outside and look for different shadows. If you have a camera, bring it! It would be fun to take some pictures of the shadows that you find most interesting. Look for shadows made by bushes, parked cars, bikes, flower pots, etc. Look for the biggest and smallest shadows that you can find.

What makes these shadows? How are the shadows on a smooth flat surface, like a wall, different from a surface like a large rock or set of stairs? Compare the shadows of what you see with the actual object that makes the shadow. How are they similar and different?


The measurement of time began with the invention of a sundial in ancient Egypt. Sundials show time by casting shadows or light. Watch this short science video about how to make your own sundial. Give it a try!

Let"s Move!

Have some fun outside with your own shadow! Wave to your shadow. Does your shadow wave back? What else can your shadow do that you can do? Can it jump, dance, and raise its hands? Watch this GoNoodle for some tips about ways to make shadow puppets.

Create it!

Ask the adult at your home if you can use some aluminum foil. Tear some off and twist it and mold it into some kind of shape or figure. If you have any pipe cleaners, they will work great inside the foil. Use tape or glue to attach it to a surface, vertically. Using the light from the sun (or a flashlight, inside) trace the outline of its shadow. Use a black marker to fully color in the outline of the shadow. Name your masterpiece and send a picture to your teacher. You can look here for ideas.

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