Ahoy 2nd Grade Mateys! Let’s take our study of geography and have some fun today and talk about pirates!

Today’s Activities


Do pirates have manners? Do pirates have bedtimes? Listen to “How I Became a Pirate” to find out!

After listening to the story, compare yourself to a pirate. How are you different? How are you the same?

Level 1 Adaptation:

Level 2 Adaptation: Use the following page to help you draw what the story says pirates look like. 


Pirates are always trying to capture treasure!

Grab a partner and see if you can capture four squares before they do!

Foil Boat

Here is a fun engineering experiment! See if you can make your own foil boat. It will not be as fancy as a pirate ship. See if you can get your treasure to float!

Reading a Map

Pirates need to know how to read a map! Do you know the cardinal directions? After watching this video, hide some “treasure” in your house and see if you can give someone directions to find it!

Juggle a Soccer Ball

In the story, Jeremy loves soccer. Do you know how to juggle a soccer ball? Watch this video to learn how!

Draw a Pirate

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