Pet Responsibility
Welcome back, pet lovers! What fun it has been to read about pets this week. I’ll bet so many pets are feeling happy that their humans have been able to spend so much more time with them now that we are all staying home.

Today’s Activities


What are some of your responsibilities involved with caring for your pet? What do you think is the hardest thing about caring for a pet? Follow along with the story, Harry the Dirty Dog. read to you by Betty White. What do you think might happen in the story? How do you think Harry will get so dirty? After listening to the story, you learned, from the author, that Harry did not like to have baths. Think about something that you didn’t want to do or still don’t want to do, even though it’s good for you. Write about it. You can start your writing like this: I don’t like to __________ because. ____________. Write 2-3 good first-grade sentences. You can draw a picture to go with your writing.


Conduct a survey to gather some data. A survey is a kind of tool that you can use to get information. Your survey title should ask about favorite types of pets. You can ask the adults at your home, your siblings, or even your stuffed animals and dolls. It is ok to answer for them if you can’t find enough people to survey. Tally and graph your results. If this survey seems too challenging, you can look at this graph, instead, where someone else already gathered the data, and answer the questions that go along with it.


Can you name some things that pets need to stay safe and healthy? Can you name some things that you need to stay safe and healthy? Are there any things that you both need? Yesterday, you made a Venn diagram to compare cats and dogs. Let’s try a Venn diagram again today because this is a great way to show the similarities and differences. Remember, where the two circles intersect, is where you would add things that both pets and people need to stay safe and healthy. Watch Mobie and Annie share some tips about caring for pets.


In the story, Harry buried his scrubbing brush in the backyard because he didn’t want anyone to find it and give him a bath. Pretend you are Harry and hide something somewhere in your house or outside in the yard. You don’t need to bury it, like Harry did, just, put it out of direct sight. Once you have hidden your item, you can either draw a treasure map that marks its location and ask someone at your house to find it. Or, you could use more of a “coding” style set of directions to help them find it. For example, take 4 giant steps forward, turn to your right until I say stop, take 2 giant steps forward, etc.

let's Move!

If you have a dog, spend some time outside playing with him or her. Ask your adult if you can help give them a bath. No dog? No problem! How about helping wash the dishes or maybe the car or some outdoor furniture? It’s getting hot outside and staying cool by getting wet might make you feel good. If you have another kind of pet? How about spending some extra time with them, today, too.


Make Harry the Dirty Dog. You could make a clean Harry (white with black spots) or a dirty Harry (black with some white). You will need an empty toilet paper roll and some construction paper. To make a clean Harry, cover your roll with white paper. Glue some black spots on the roll. Draw and cut out ears from construction paper and glue them on the top side of the roll. Make a dog face using googly eyes and construction paper or whatever materials you have for a face at home. To make a dirty Harry, follow the same steps but cover your toilet paper roll with black paper, or color it black, and add white spots. Take a picture of your Harry and send it to your teacher. 🙂

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