Cinco de Mayo
Today we’ll continue learning about pets and a special holiday, Cinco de Mayo.

Today’s Activities


Listen to this story about what inspired Judy Schachner to write Skippyjon Jones stories (hint: She has Siamese cats). Listen to the author read her book ​Skippyjon Jones, Lost in Spice. Now you can draw and write about your pet.


Here’s a math subtraction story about a blue cat – Pete! He has 4 Groovy Buttons! Have fun making a snack of “buttons.”

Pet rock

Here’s some great information for you to read about rocks and minerals. Now you can make a PET ROCK!

cinco de mayo

Today is May 5th – Cinco de Mayo! Listen to this story to learn about the history and celebration of Cinco de Mayo – it’s not just about eating tacos!

let's move

Make a list of all the pets people might have. Take turns acting them out and see if someone can guess what animal you are (dog, cat, snake, lizard, rabbit, rat, fish, chicken, etc.).


Here’s a fun activity to make a windsock for Cinco de Mayo.

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