Welcome back to 2nd Grade ELO. This week we will be studying Geography! You will learn about locations, places and environments.

Today’s Activities


Listen to this great book about a boy who had to flee his country because of war. His father buys a map instead of bread. Find out what happens next in “How I Learned about Geography”! After listening to the story write about a time when you used your imagination to help you feel better when you were sad or bored.

math games

Maps are full of shapes and lines. Grab a partner, a die, and a piece of paper and play this fun Rectangular Array Math Game.


The story takes place in Kazakhstan where they drink a beverage called “sut”. It is boiled milk. Use some milk at your house and try this really cool science experiment.

map it

Watch this video about Continents and Oceans, after you are done look at or print out this world map. Can you label or name all the continents and oceans?

play it!

Just like a globe, basketballs, soccer balls, and baseballs are all spheres! Grab a “sphere” and play this fun game with a partner.


Use these directions and make a cool Earth art project by using just a coffee filter and some markers!

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