Plants We Eat
Welcome Back to ELO! You have been learning about plant life cycles this week. Today, we are going to read about an edible part of the plant called a vegetable.

Today’s Activities


Before reading, The Ugly Vegetable, think of some things you know about vegetables. Do you have a favorite vegetable? This is a story about a mom and her daughter planting their vegetable garden. The daughter discovers that their garden is not like the garden of their neighbors. Theirs is a garden planted with Chinese vegetables.

After reading, think about why their vegetables are called ugly when they taste so yummy? Make a story map. Include the characters, setting, events that happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the story. You can use sentences and pictures. You may use the example or create your own.


Gather up some vegetables from your kitchen. If you don’t have any, spend a couple of minutes drawing some vegetables and then cut them out.

Play What’s My Rule. Sort your vegetables by attribute. Some examples are shape, color, or whether they grow above the ground or below. Ask someone to guess your sorting rule.

Make a math flower. You can draw your own or use the example as a guide. Your flower should have a circle in the center and no less than six petals. Choose a number between 5 and 20. Write this number in the center of your flower. Use the petals to show that number different ways. (For example, If I choose the number 12 and write it in the center of the circle, I could write 6+6 in one petal, draw 12 tally marks in another, write 20-8 in another petal, etc.)


Use your vegetables for an experiment about whether or not they will sink or float. Make a prediction about each before placing them in a tub of water.  This activity could be done with fruits or other household items if vegetables aren’t available.


The story, The Ugly Vegetable, talks about vegetables from China. Can you see China on this map? You have also been learning about the seven continents. Do you remember on which continent you would find China? Practice using these Chinese characters to do some writing.

let's be healthy

It’s time for lunch! Can you use some vegetables to make a salad? Check out this GoNoodleIt’s time for lunch. 

Here is the recipe for The Ugly Vegetable Soup from the story. It might be hard to find these vegetables, locally, but you can look at their pictures and compare them to vegetables that you know and have at home. Check out the Chinese characters that represent the word.


Have you ever heard of painting with vegetables? Doesn’t that sound like fun? All you need are some vegetables (or small pieces of a vegetable) from your kitchen and some paint. Be sure you check with your adult before you get started! You can use the vegetables as a paintbrush or use pieces of them like stamps. Be creative! Take a picture of your art and send it to your teacher. Another idea would be to search for pictures of vegetables in magazines and newspaper inserts. Use them to make a collage.

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