Seven Continents
Welcome Back to ELO. On Friday, you learned about the seven continents. Can you remember the names of them? We are going to explore the continents, again, today as you read about how a smile made it's way around the world. Stay tuned to ELO for more lessons and activities centered aroud the Earth because Earth Day is this week!

Today’s Activities


Listen to the story, The Smile that Went Around the World.

Describe a smile. What makes you smile? Can your smile help others that may be feeling sad? Think about your favorite friend or someone in your family. Draw a portrait of them. Make a list of reasons that they make you smile. If you can, share this list with them. You may just put a smile on their face, too.

Listen to the story, The Smile that Went Around the World and have someone help you take fun pictures of you smiling and making funny faces! Have your parent send those pictures to your teacher’s e-mail


When we look at a map of the world, we often look at a flat picture or map hanging on the wall. The Earth is actually round, more like a ball. Have you ever seen a globe? This is another way for us to look at the Earth and it’s seven continents. In math, a round object is 3 Dimensional (3D) and we call this a sphere. Can you find any spheres in your house? You can look outside, too. Challenge yourself to find 8-10 spheres. Line them up from smallest to biggest. Compare and contrast them . Use attributes such as their color, size, ability to bounce or not as examples.

Take a ball as an example of a sphere and/or a plate as an example of a circle. Walk around the house and hold them up to similar and different shapes. Have your child match the ball/sphere to different items that are also spheres/circles. You can also do questions of Sphere or Circle while holding up each example.

Do the same activity as above but you as a parent/caregiver may need to be more invovled. Ask your child to match/same or different. If answering those questions are too hard you can just collect a number of spherical or circular items in your home and have your child sort them.

the earth

The Earth is made up mostly of water. That is the blue that you see when looking at a map or globe. The seven continents are the land that are shown in green.

Here is a recipe that you can use to make play-doh, with a helper.

Can you find any blue and green food coloring?

Roll your blue play-doh into a sphere. Use the green play-doh to make the seven continents.

If you cannot find or do not have what you need to make play-dough, try to find blue and green papers and crumple them up together into a ball shape to see if you can make it look like an Earth.

the seven continents

In the story, the pilot traveled to Hong Kong, China. Can you locate China on a map? On what continent would you find China? Watch this video about the seven continents and see if it can help you decide.

Take a pretend trip around the world and practice saying any words you know in another language.

If the video is too difficult for your child to understand you can watch 7 Continentnst Song instead. Try to do the sign language movements along with your child and have them copy you.


Practice passing a ball (or sphere) back and forth with a parent or sibling. Can you throw it overhand and toss it underhand? How about rolling back and forth? What about trying to keep the ball off the ground using your own body. This is called juggling. Keep smiling so that your smile can make its way around the world. Your smile makes you beautiful!

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