Victory Garden
Way to go! Now let's have some fun. We are going to learn about seeds and plants. This is a great time to start a "Victory Garden." Start with this small experiment and then move to a garden area and plant enough vegetables for your family to enjoy.

Today’s Activities


Watch this video to learn how to plant a seed. You can plant a variety of beans.

Listen to the audio portion and read the instructions to plant bean seeds. Yjou can plant a variety of bean seeds.

Instruct a family member on how to plant the bean seeds.


Use two different color beans to add and subtract. *** + ^^^^ = 7. Make as many equations as possible. Try using three different color beans to add and subtract. Then, try using four different color beans to add and subtract.

Start with counting one color of beans. Then count the other color. Do addition using only 10 beans and under. Count using a one-to-one correspondence.

You call out the numbers and a family member can put them in groups to add or subtract. You tell them the answer.


Ask a family member to teach you how to prepare their favorite bean dish. Examples could include three bean salad, fresh green beans steamed, pickled beans, honey baked beans, or chile.  How did they learn to cook beans? What is their favorite recipes? Can I heip cook dinner and learn?

Give your family member verbal directions on making a three been salad.

Try a varitety of bean recipies. Talk about your favorite and why. Taste, texture, color.


Start a science log and draw the seeds and their growth every three days. Lable the parts of the plant. Include the seed, roots, stem, leaves, and flowers.

Ask your family to draw what you explain to them.

Let's move!

Start as a balled up seed, grow roots and shoot out feet, start to uncurl into a stem, and spread your fingers into leaves, and then a flower. The flower drops the seed. and roll back into the seed and start over. Try and create a chant to go with the cycle seed to plant.

Draw it!

Draw a beautiful bean plant and water color the picture. Look at the grown bean plant and draw a picture. 

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Draw a beautiful bean plant step by step and then water color using two colors.Have a family member give you step by step directions to draw a bean plant after looking at the ones you grew.

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