Many frogs live near rivers, lakes, streams, and ponds.Have you ever wondered why this is true? Today you will think about the characteristics of frogs and how they meet their basic needs. What if frogs were not slimy? What if frogs did not have powerful back legs? Hop on into this lesson and have fun learning about frogs!

Today’s Activities


Navigate to this website then scroll down to Day 6 and listen to the book “In The Small, Small Pond” then make a list on a sheet of paper of the pond animals from the video and the actions they do. For example: frog – croaks/hops duck – quacks/paddles beaver – chops wood heron – catches fish water strider – walks on water Take turns acting and guessing the animals. For extra fun, try making the animals’ sounds!

Instead of making a list on paper, pause and do the action for each animal as they come up.


Watch the San Diego Zoo Kids Frogs! video.

Watch this Video “Frogs!”

Draw pictures of frogs then talk about vocabulary words: amphibians, rainforest, poisonous, camoflauge.


Go outside! Try to ribbit or croak like a frog. Get your whole family together and play Leap Frog!

Step 1: Line up. Get into a straight line facing forward. All players kneel down and cover their heads with their hands, except for last person.

Step 2: Put hands on another player’s back The last person places their hands on the back of the next person in line. Their back becomes a platform to jump over.

Step 3: Leap over the person, spreading your legs like a frog. Continue leaping over everyone until you reach the front of the line, kneel down, and place your hands over your head.

Step 4: Wait for the next player. Wait while each player repeats the steps in order. The game can go on forever as each person leaps up the line and into the front position.


Make your own frog with this Jumping Frog Craft.

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Teaching Tips

Accessibility Feature

Turning on transcripts for YouTube Videos [PDF]

Speech and language

Focus on comprehension.

Watch the story of “The Caterpillar and the Polliwog.”

Can you describe one thing that is SIMILAR between the caterpillar and the polliwog?

Can you describe one thing that is DIFFERENT? 

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