Fact or Opinion?
Happy Wednesday! I think Wednesdays are amazing because “Wednesday” is spelled so crazily! But that is just my opinion. Oh, hey! Speaking of opinions, let’s practice with opinions (and facts) today. And for good measure, let’s measure some stuff in our houses. Then, we can measure some yeast and water and do some food science! Food science is the best! (That is also my opinion.)

Today’s Activities


Visit BrainPOP and click on the Fact or Opinion lesson and watch the video. Then, take the quiz. You can hover over each possible answer to hear it read to you before you carefully answer the question. Have fun!

Watch this alternative video provided if the Brain Pop is too long or difficult to understand. Pause and answer the questions with your child at the end of the video.

What are facts? Use this website to look up 3 facts about your favorite animals write 3 facts about one of your favorite animals on the page.

What are opinions? Take this survey on favorite foods and activities as an activity to demonstrate opinions. Parents you can choose different answers than your child to show different people have different opinions.

Facts: Practice saying Yes and No with your child, if he/she is having trouble talking, use red and green words on paper or use a yes and no app on your phone or tablet. Walk around your house and ask your child Yes/No questions that are about facts. You can point to the dog and say “is that a dog?” the child will answer yes and you will say, “yes, thats is a fact!” To prime before asking the question you can start by pointing to your dog and saying “this is a dog! Is this a dog? YES…Is this a cat? NO!, Ok your turn, is this a dog? ____” You can do this with various things in your home. Have fun with it and be silly if you want to!

Opinions: Go around your home and find pairs of things for your child to choose from. Present the two items and ask your child which item they like best. You can put some items that you like in there and state which one you like!


Let’s do some measuring! Check out this BrainPOP video about measuring things with and without a ruler. After you watch the video, take a quiz. What can you use to measure with? Maybe you can find a crayon, a ruler, a wooden spoon, a LEGO, or a piece of bacon! Can you use it to measure your sibling? (They might eat your bacon.) Your dog? (It will definitely eat your bacon.) Your bathtub? Your grownup?

Measuring with Blocks Worksheet 

Measuring with Paperclips Worksheet 


Have some fun with yeast! After you’ve done this quick yeast experiment, you can use your yeast and water (and flour and salt) to make homemade pretzel bites. Don’t forget to ask your grownups first! We want to know your opinion (there’s that magic word again)! Do you like to make or eat bread? Why or why not? Remember to support your opinion with your experience. Make your opinion more interesting by using adjectives (describing words) in your answers. You can write your opinion on paper, type it in a Google Doc, text/email it to your teacher, or tell it to your pet or grownup!

Easy Homemade Pretzel Bites recipe (printable recipe at bottom of link)

Try the yeast experiment! Use Yeast Experiment visual recipe sheet with your adult! Give your opinion of bread! Use the worksheet in the links to describe bread using adjectives.

Let's move!

Peanut Butter Dance Your Way to a Happy Place 

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