Welcome to Week 2 of Learning at Home! We are so glad you are here and ready to see what exciting activities ELO has for you this week. Over the next three days, you will be reading some stories about integrity. Who remembers what integrity means? You are right! It means doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Today’s Activities


This story, Strega Noga, is about a magic pot of pasta. Do you a favorite recipe with noodles or pasta (macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, ravioli, etc.)? What are consequences? Can you think of a time that you had a consequence for not following directions?

Leveled learning extension: Use this fun Strega Nona game to answer questions about the story. 

Count it!

You will need a box of colored pasta or bowl of different types of pasta. Sort pasta noodles by color or kind. Tally the types of noodles. Create a graph to represent your results.

Color your own pasta and try some of the activities on this website. Can you sort by color? Can you make an A-B-C pattern? How about an A-B-B pattern?

Noodle Science!

Follow the instructions on this worksheet to see if you can make spaghetti dance!

Leveled learning extension: Watch this video to learn how to make the spaghetti dance. Did it work? Write down your observations. 

Think about it!

After listening to the story, write a letter to Big Anthony. Explain to him what he did wrong and why it is important to listen carefully to directions. Choose one feeling and draw a picture of a time in the story when either Big Anthony or Strega Nona felt that way.

1. Share the pen, take turns writing words or sentences.

2. Write student’s dictated sentence in highlighter and have the student trace the letters.


Make colored pasta following these directionsUse the pasta to create a picture. Make a magic wand with wooden sticks or construction paper. Try using playdoh to make spaghetti noodles.

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OT Activities

String pasta on yarn or pipe cleaner. Use tongs to pick up and sort various-shaped pasta by shape or color. Use various-shaped pasta (wagon wheel, spiral, bowtie, tube) to stamp or roll into the paint and onto paper.

Speech & Language

Focus on story comprehension: Can you answer these 5Ws about the “Strega Nona” story?
1. WHO got in trouble?
2. WHAT did Big Anthony do to try and stop the pasta?
3. WHEN did Strega Nona put up a sign?
4. WHERE did the pasta go when it overflowed the pot?
5. WHY did Big Anthony feel sick at the end of the story?

Focus on character descriptions. In the story “Strega Nona,” which character was OLD? Which one was a TROUBLEMAKER? Use this worksheet to cut out the words and glue them in the box under the correct character. 

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