Animal Studies – Spiders
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Today’s Activities


Maybe you are wondering how people get sick with a virus like COVID-19. Here is a video that explains how germs can make us sick.


Theme: Animal Studies – Spiders

Watch the story “Diary of a Spider” and read along with the book “A Spiderling Grows Up”, then explore the sections under the Puzzlers! Optional, explore the links under Dive Deeper.

Leveled Learning Extension: Sing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” with your child. Replace the word “itsy bitsy” with other descriptions such as “very scary” “very quiet” “very silly” “very sleepy” and act out the descriptions while you sing together.

Talking Math: Day 1

Where do you see rows and columns of windows in this picture? Describe how you see them. (2.G.A.2)

Draw your own picture of a palace with some of the same shapes and objects in the picture. Find collections of objects to count. Describe how you counted them to someone.

Read along: Dinner at the Panda Palace – Where do you see math in the story?

To learn more about the palace in the picture, you can check it out here.

Leveled Learning Extension: Practice drawing shapes of your own. Use the side of a book as a ruler if you need a straight edge. You can draw a triangle, square, rectangle, or if you are feeling tricky even a hexagon or pentagon! For a circle, try tracing around the bottom of a cup. What other shapes can you make?

Leveled Learning Extension: Draw shapes on a paper for your child, or click on the attachment for an image of shapes. Point to and name each one. Then practice naming together. Then have your child name the shapes as you point. 



Home in Three Communities What kind of community do you live in? Watch and find out!

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