Animal Studies – Spiders
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Today’s Activities



Leveled Learning Extension: Sing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” with your child. Replace the word “itsy bitsy” with other descriptions such as “very scary” “very quiet” “very silly” “very sleepy” and act out the descriptions while you sing together.

Talking Math: Day 1

  • Where do you see triangles in this picture? (1.G.A.1)
  • What shapes in the picture could you put together to make a different shape? (1.G.A.2)
  • Draw your own picture of a palace with some of the same shapes and objects in the picture. Find collections of objects to count. Describe how you counted them to someone.
  • Read along: Dinner at the Panda Palace – Where do you see math in the story?

To learn more about the palace in the picture, you can check it out here.

Leveled Learning Extension: Practice drawing shapes of your own. Use the side of a book as a ruler if you need a straight edge. You can draw a triangle, square, rectangle, or if you are feeling tricky even a hexagon or pentagon! For a circle, try tracing around the bottom of a cup. What other shapes can you make?

Leveled Learning Extension: Draw shapes on a paper for your child, or click on the attachment for an image of shapes. Point to and name each one. Then practice naming together. Then have your child name the shapes as you point. 

Tricky Spiders

  • Watch the video about tricky spiders and then take the quiz. What are some of the body parts (features) that help spiders survive? What are some of the ways that spiders can trap

Leveled learning activity: I spy. In the video we saw that spiders use their many eyes to find prey. What do you use your eyes for? Parents, choose something in the room and describe it by color, shape and size. Let your child guess what you are looking at! Next, let your child do the describing while you guess.

Leveled Learning Extension: Point to and name body parts together with your child (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, shoulders, arms, etc). Then let your child “quiz” you by pointing having your child point to body parts and letting you name them. Trade places! You point to body parts and have your child say the names.


  • Choose a Go Noodle activity and get up and go!
  • Can you do another?


  • Draw a picture of a new kind of spider! Follow the link to find out more.

Leveled Learning Extension: Color a spider! Draw a spider for your child and let them color or decorate the spider in a fun way.

Leveled Learning Extension: Imaginary play spider and fly with your child. Find out how to make a spider and a fly out of your own hands. Try encouraging your child to hold a conversation with you as he or she pretends to be a bug!

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