Do you know which animal is claimed to be the villian of the sea? Can you take a guess? There are more then 300 species of this animal in the Ocean. This animal is the shark! Let's learn more about the shark today!

Today’s Activities


Listen to this story “The shark in the dark” — What kind of feelings do the fish feel as the shark comes near them?


Let’s play a game called Oh, Fish Sticks, for this activity you will need goldfish snacks, dice, and a copy of this fish sticks template. You will also need a pencil.

Step 1: Roll one die, take that many goldfish and put in on your template, write the first number.

Step 2: Roll the second die and add that many goldfish to your template. Finish your addition and solve how many goldfish you have altogether. Once you solve your problem, clear your board and roll again.

Wanna play again, follow the same steps but instead of practicing addition let’s take goldfish away to practice subtraction!


Let’s learn more about Sharks by watching this video from NatGeo! Where do they live? What do they eat? How do they survive in their environment?

Let's Move

Let’s all sing and dance to our favorite sing along “Baby Shark

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