Curious Camping
So many things to be curious about when you are on a camping adventure! So many things to notice and so many things to wonder or ask questions about! Today we are going to be curious, just like Curious George!

Today’s Activities




Curious George is a curious monkey. His curiosity sometimes gets him in trouble. In the story, he was very curious about what he thought was a kitty.

What was it really? Was this a problem? Use this template to answer questions about the story. Use the writing lines to tell how his curiosity helped.

add and subtract

It is time to practice adding and subtracting within five.The more we practice the easier it is to do our math work! Print out the math fact cards. You can print them onto labels, and then glue onto index card or just cut out and glue to index cards (or sturdier paper). Either outside (if outside you can use sidewalk chalk) to make a math fact path. Place the facts along the path. Make a start and a finish. Your child rolls a dot cube (a die) with the 6 covered (with tape). He starts by stating the answer to the first math fact. It is okay if he has to use his fingers right now, they are a built in math tool. If answered correctly he moves ahead the number he rolled on the die. If incorrect, he tries again. Continue until he reaches the finish. Celebrate his success with a HIGH FIVE, of course!


Curious George was very curious. I am very curious about fireflies. Such amazing insects! Watch this video to learn a little about fireflies. Then try these fun ‘exploraments’ you can do with glow sticks, that glow in much the same way that fireflies do! Enjoy this video of fireflies dancing!

Let's Move!

Get your body moving! Fireflies don’t move like this, but you can! Move along to ‘Dynamite‘. You have been a dynamite learner this school year! You will need a big drink of water when you are done!


Use these directions to make a firefly. You will need a plastic water bottle, chenille stem, paper and a glowstick.

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