Backyard Camping
Our camping adventures continue today. What we will be up to in this lesson? Camping is always an adventure and every trip is different. Hope you enjoy today's lesson!

Today’s Activities

Listen and answer

Listen to ‘Backyard Camping‘ You will see lots of words you know how to read. You can turn down the volume and read all the words you recognize or can sound out. When done listening, answer these questions about the story (have an adult read the questions, and you give your answers). What type of story was this? Fiction, Informational or Realistic Fiction?



Use this worksheet and classify the items into the correct category. Then draw items from ‘Backyard Camping’ into the correct catergories and label them.

Marshmellow math

Time for some math with marshmallows, this time smores! These you can’t eat, but you can still have fun. You can play with a parent or sibling or by yourself! Use this roll and graph game!


When you go camping you are out in the woods and there are so many sounds you can hear. Your sense of hearing helps you learn about the world around you. Go on a sound scavenger hunt-outside in your yard, or on a safe walk with an adult. Take this template and make tally marks for the sounds you hear. If you hear a sound that doesn’t have a picture match on the sheet, draw what you think you hear. Do you thinkg you would hear different sounds during the night?


Sometimes we need to slow our body down, slow our thinking down. If you are feeling anxious, scared, even angry, bear breaths will help your body and mind relax. Go to GoNoodle and search for ‘Bear Breaths”

Get moving!

There are so many things we do when we go camping. We pitch a tent, we gather firewood, we go fishing, we go for hikes, we cook food, we row a boat, we scrub our cook pans and so much more. Let’s get your body moving by acting out these movements you might make when camping. 

Sing and Dance!

Camping is always more fun with camp songs. Here is a fun song “There Was a Great Big Moose” to learn and move along to. It is all about a Moose! Listen and repeat the words and the movements!

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