The endeavors of space exploration are some of the greatest human achievements in modern history, and the expeditions have only just begun! Let’s journey through our solar system to explore the landscape and learn about current and upcoming missions to space.

Today’s Activities


LAUNCH! On May 27th, 2020, NASA and SpaceX will launch the first astronauts to the space station from the U.S. since 2011, known as “Launch America.” SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft will lift off at 4:33 EST.  Watch the live launch here!

Have you heard about NASA’s Artemis Project? It’s the next Moon mission! NASA will land the first woman and next man on the moon by 2024! They will use what they learn from this mission to take the next giant leap of sending astronauts to Mars by 2030! Pick a few activities in this student explorer booklet that most interest you. Ready to draw? Here’s how to the draw Artemis Space Launch System, then share and hashtag your drawing #drawartemis to join in with the Artemis art fans!


Did you know there is 6 times less gravity on the moon than on Earth? Try these calculations to see how much would you weigh on other planets?

Build it!

Lunar Lander Egg Drop. 

Build a lunar lander to carry an egg (the astronaut) that will drop from a high point, simulating landing on a “lunar surface.”  Use any materials you can find (bottles, egg cartoons, straws, tape, cotton balls, etc.).

Constraints: Your lunar lander must not exceed one foot in height, width, and length and it must weigh less than 2 pounds. Add a hatch (door) for your egg to be placed inside, and attach a parachute to the outside!

Look at these real lunar landers to inspire your design. Good luck to your (egg) astronaut! Hint: hard-boil the egg if you’re worried about cleanup.


Did you know Astronaut Dr. Jessica Meir and Chistina Koch conducted the first all-female spacewalk in October of 2019.  And if you’re a Mystery Doug fan, you’ll love his recorded live post featuring students’ questions answered by Astronaut, Dr. Jessica Meir from the International Space Station! It’s out of this world! Then try the “Spacewalk Workout” where you, too, can train like an astronaut.

Field Trip!

Get ready for liftoff as you fly around our space neighborhood in this stunning Solar System simulation.

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