Mixtures and Solutions
Did you know they are different? A mixture is the combination of two or more substances that can be separated later, like sand and water. A solution is when a substance dissolves in a liquid, like salt and water. Let’s stir up some chemistry!

Today’s Activities

Magic Words

Class is now in session at Hogwarts! Did you know that the words for the spells learned by the young witches and wizards at Hogwarts are based on Greek and Latin roots? Hone your word origin skills with these flashcards from Quizlet on Harry Potter spells. Then click on Gravity on the left of the page to quiz yourself. (Prompted Google sign in). Check out this Word Origins List for further reading on Harry Potter spells and their root-word meanings!

Try It!

In the lab! In this virtual lab simulation, you will become a lab technician whose job is to separate a mixture of sand, salt and iron filings, using the equipment in the lab. Your goal is to do it in the fewest possible amount of steps and least amount of time. Have fun!


Are Magic Potions Real?. In this Mystery Science video, you’ll meet the alchemists, a historic group that used “potions” to try to transform materials. In the activity, “Test Like An Alchemist,” you will test liquids to see which ones will clean the tarnish off a penny. Then, when one penny changes from dark and dirty to bright and shiny, you’ll have a chance to think about where the tarnish went. You can do the lesson along with Mystery Doug. If not, follow along in the video and watch Doug teach.


Alchemists experimented with combinations of different elements to observe the results of various mixtures and solutions. Spend 10-15 minutes playing “Little Alchemy” to experiment on your own.

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