In the Dirt
Have you ever gone outside to explore? Have you dug in the ground, to see what kind of animals live in the dirt? Maybe you found a slimy worm or a crawling caterpillar? Why do you think they are in the ground, do they help the garden somehow? Today, you will learn more about gardens! Mrs. Munoz loves to work outside in the garden, especially with her two boys at home. Included are fun activities to do with the whole family!

Today’s Activities


Listen to the story, “Up in the garden, and down in the dirt” by Kate Messner. What are some animals that are found in the garden? Any bugs? What happens in the dirt?

Dirt Writing

Go outside, find a space with dirt. Find a stick to use as your pencil. Use this sight word list and practice writing the words in the dirt. After you write it, say it, and spell it out loud! Have fun!

Have an adult write the sightwords in the ground for you then, you point to the word and say the word and letters aloud.

Sprout Exploration

You will need three small jars or cups, water, ice, soil, and seeds. Follow these simple steps to explore growing seeds. Let’s also watch this science video “how does a seed become a plant?”

Be mindful

Social Emotional Learning: Have you ever felt angry? Is it hard to calm down sometimes? Let’s learn how to do belly breathing with this video, to bring us back to a calm state.

Let's Dance!

Let’s sing and dance as the farmer plants his seeds. Choose your own motions to go with this song, as you sing the song with the farmer.

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