As American As Baseball & the Bill of Rights
Spring is here and that usually means baseball and Opening Day!

Today’s Activities

Opening Day

Read the article about Opening Day from ReadWorks.  Then click on “Question Set” to test what you learned.  Write a one-page paper putting yourself in Billy’s shoes.  If you were him would you be content to play where he was or would you be restless and wish you were in the Big Leagues?  Explain your thinking. 

Read a chapter book of your choice for 30 mins and then write a reflection.  Explain the main character. What is he or she like? What’s going on in their life? What do they struggle with? Put yourself in their shoes.  How would it feel to be this character in real life?

Same and Different

Study this image.  What is the same about each picture? What is different? Use this worksheet to help you record your thinking.  Extend your thinking about fractions with this task.  When you are done, have your at-home teacher discuss your work with you using this link.

Bill of Rights

Research the Bill of Rights – What are the first ten Amendments? Create a booklet explaining each one on the right side and draw an illustration on the left side. Also, after researching them, watch this video which will help you remember them. I think you will love the way this teacher helps us remember them!

Get Outside!

Go outside, do some stretches, and then turn on GoNoodle for some fun dancing and exercises! Make up your own dance moves. Be silly and have fun with it- Just try to keep your body moving for 20 mins at a time. Take breaks if you need them!

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