Hidden Worlds: Dry Tortugas National Park
All of us have a perception of what constitutes a park, depending largely on our past experiences and where we live. In this lesson, students will explore the Dry Tortugas National Park!

Today’s Activities


This week you have had a chance to explore some of the nation’s beautiful parks.  As you watch this short compilation of images from these parks think about the uniqueness of each.  

  • Can you identify the parks represented in each image?
  • Are there some you can’t identify? Those are from our 5th and last national park, Dry Tortugas National Park.
  • If you missed any of the lessons this week feel free to go back and explore them now.


Throughout this week, you have an opportunity to virtually visit five different National Parks.  Today’s exploration takes us to our last park, Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida.  Dive a shipwreck, swim through the third-largest coral reef in the world, and tour a Civil War-era fort. The pages are interactive so take some time to explore!


After virtually visiting Dry Tortugas National Park,  think about the following questions.

  1. What did you notice about this National Park?
  2. What do you wonder about this National Park?
  3. What were some unique features about this park that was different than the other parks you virtually visited? Would you want to visit this park someday? Why or why not.

You can also use this template to explain what you learned and share it with a teacher.


Now that you have visited 5 different National Parks choose one, or choose a different one that interests you.  Create a brochure, google slide presentation or infographic that encourages visitors to come to the park to enjoy the unique features it has to offer. 

Information to include:

  • Name and location of the National Park
  • Where to stay when visiting the park.
  • Activities visitors can participate in at the park.
  • Two unique characteristics of the park.
  • History of the park – When did it become a park? Why was it preserved as a park? The human history of the area?

Share your creation with a teacher or parent.


Feeling passionate about preserving coral reefs? 

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