What are your Hopes and Dreams?
So...this school year did not end the way any of us could imagine. Despite that, we can still look forward to our future hopes and dreams.

Today’s Activities


The end of the school year is a great time to think about goals. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to get better at and feel proud of?

Watch this video. Kid President has a dream to share with you!

  • What is Kid President telling us about dreams?


Read this quote or find one here that speaks to you.  

  • Jot down your reactions to these quotes. What do they mean to you?  Share your quote with a friend and ask them for their reaction.


Read this excerpt from the Legacy Project.

Dreams are important for all ages. Dreams encompass goals and more. They give your life purpose, direction, and meaning. They shape your life choices, help you build toward the future, and give you a sense of control and hope. They’re an expression of your potential and give voice to your talents. They’re a source of pleasure and help develop the self. And they can change the world – just think of those famous words from Martin Luther King, Jr., “I have a dream!” Dreamers are the ones who have the courage and creativity to see beyond “what is” to “what can be” to make a difference in their own life and the lives of others.

Do you agree? Are dreams important? Why or why not?


What are your Hopes and Dreams for the future?

Write down:

  • 3 hopes for next year.
  • 2 dreams for your future.
  • 1 hope for the world.


Read some of these quotes. Notice how they’re designed with fun colors, different size fonts, eye-catching background colors. Also, some have photographs while others have graphics.

Now it’s YOUR turn! Write your own quote or find an inspirational quote to keep you motivated to achieve your hopes and dreams!

Or write a letter to yourself, which you will read in the future—at the end of the summer! 

  • Describe what you want to achieve next school year.
  • Write your letter on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope labeled “To Self – Read on August 15th, 2020”.

Did you do today’s activities?

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