Fail Forward
Are there benefits to failure?

Today’s Activities

Phase 1: The Iceberg Illusion

Reflect on this image. Talk to another person and share thoughts with each other.

Phase 2: Will Smith's Thoughts on Failure

What this video about Why Will Smith Wants You to Fail Before You Succeed. Do you agree or disagree with Will Smith? Explain what experience(s) in your life led you to agree or disagree with him?

Phase 3: Most People Fail First

Read this short article from Scholastic Magazine, “They Failed (and So Can You)”  Write a paragraph response to the following question. 

Why should we be willing to fail?  

Be sure to include one piece of text evidence to support your answer and explain why what you chose supports your answer. 

Phase 4: Transformation

Look through these “Postcards” of famous failures.

Create your own postcard on this google slide. (Make a copy of the document)

Be sure to include:

  1. Your picture
  2. A summary of your failure
  3. A summary of your success
  4. A quote

Be creative—This can be true or fictitious.

Phase 5: Remember R.A.I.N.

Next time you feel that you have failed and are dealing with emotions of anger, sadness, or disappointment, remember the RAIN technique.

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