Kindness 101: Honesty
This lesson series comes from Tyler Vogel, from Curtis Creek Elementary School.

Today’s Activities

social and emotional

First, think about what the word “honesty” means to you. Take any piece of paper you have and write down whatever idea you have about the word’s meaning. You can even change your answer as you watch the video.

Save this piece of paper for after you watch the video below. There will be another short exercise for you to do.

Second, watch this video on gratitude from Steve Hartman (and his kids).

Third, in the last part of the video, Steve asks you to think of a time you were dishonest. Then, find a way to apologize to whoever it was you were dishonest. You can apologize in person, call them, or write them a note to them. And then think how it makes you feel after you have apologized.


Do you “honestly” think you could grow flowers good enough to make you a King? Listen along to “The Empty Pot,” to see what happens when Ping enters a contest to rule the land.


What can you honestly say about these math problems?  Be sure to share your strategies with someone!

Leveled learning extension 1: Reinforce your math skills with these pages which offer more basic math problems!

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2


Leveled learning extension 2: Tease your brain with these worksheets to target foundational math skills!

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

Brain Magic

Separating truth from fiction can be tricky. But for magicians, it’s the art of their craft. The perspective from where you’re sitting can have a big impact on how you interpret truth. You can try a little “Brain Magic” with the hot-sauce disappearing trick from Illusionist Eric Leclerc.

Try It!

Let’s grow flowers, just like Ping, but let’s try it with paper cupcake liners and some glue! Here’s how!

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