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Hello Kindergarten Friends, Mrs. Munoz loves springtime. Flowers blooming, warm sunshine, and ladybugs on leaves! Can it get any better? Have you ever looked up into a tree, and saw ladybugs on the leaves? Did you know ladybugs eat a tiny bug called an aphid that is on leaves? Let's learn more about ladybugs and their life cycle today.

Today’s Activities

Life Cycles - Lady Bugs

Listen to the story, “Are You a Ladybug” ,by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries

lady bug life cycle

Time to write the steps of the ladybugs life cycle. Look at the picture in the PDF to write simple sentences. Feel free to use these examples or come up with your own. Remember to have a capital letter at the beginning, spaces between your words, and punctuation at the end. First, it is an egg. Next, it is a larva. Then, it is a pupa. Last, it becomes a ladybug.

Ladybug Numbers

Let’s practice writing our numbers 1-20, fill in the missing ladybugs with the correct number. Go slow, you can do this!

Use this worksheet to count ladybugs! 

Use this worksheet to count ladybugs! 

Use this worksheet to add with ladybugs! 

ladybug life cycle wheel

Do you remember the steps of the ladybug life cycle from the story? Today, we will create a Lady Bug Life Cycle Wheel. You will need a paper plate, glue, scissors, and crayons. Also, print the pdf, this is sure going to be a fun activity!

Use this worksheet to color the ladybug life cycle.

Use this worksheet to cut and past the life cycle in order, then color it 

move like a bug

Flutter like a butterfly, crawl like a ladybug, and buzz like a bee as you sing along to this simple song.

ladybug collage

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