Today we are going to learn about Ladybugs! They are such amazing insects, and so helpful to our Earth!

Today’s Activities

Read and listen!

Do you ever get grouchy? Well, maybe you act the same way as the Grouchy LadyBug, read this story to find out!

Are you feeling lazy lately? What is one way you are being lazy like Lazy Ladybird? Listen to this story to find out!


Write it!

Are you feeling grouchy? Tired? Lazy? Happy? Write a sentence about how you are feeling today. Then draw a picture to illustrate your feelings.

ladybug math!

Ready to do fun math with LadyBug Spots? Get ready to count the spots, and show us how smart you are!

What is one more than 1? 2? Need some practice? Use your fingers or something else to help find one more!

Do you have 10 fingers and 10 toes? Count along making ten using your fingers and toes!


What is a life-cycle? What does your life-cycle look like? Is it the same or different than a Ladybugs? Watch this video to compare!

Want to learn more about Ladybugs? You will learn many facts in this fun video!


Ladybugs everywhere!! Here are a few ways you can create a Ladybug craft at home. Time to get creative and have some fun!

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