One of the ways objects move is with a push. Let's learn more about this force of motion.

Today’s Activities


It was a snowy day. Anna and her little brother Marco had a sled. Find out what happens by reading, “A Big Push”.


Review the vocabulary words and questions about the story, starting on page three of “A Big Push” worksheets.


Push Investigation. Gather objects from around the house. Find different sizes, different weights. Push the object. Use a nonstandard unit to measure how far each object moves with the push. Record your data on the template.

What do you notice? Do all big objects move farther than small ones. Are all heavy objects big?


Make a pinwheel. How do you make the pinwheel move? What happens when you blow on it? How could you describe that movement? What would blowing on it be called?

let's move

Enjoy the Theater Arts while you move! Play the “Push and Pull” Drama game! Directions are in today’s In-Hand packet.

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