Community Helpers – Construction Workers
Construction Workers help to build in their communities. Can you think of a time when you saw construction workers at work? What were they building? What tools were they using? Let's learn more about construction workers. Today, you can be a construction worker as well! Let's learn how!

Today’s Activities


Theme: Community Helpers – Listen to the story “Tinyville Town Gets to Work”. Can you make a list of all the community helpers in the story? How do these helpers help the town?


Retell the story of Tinyville, write and draw pictures to tell what happened in the beginning, middle, end of the story.


Let’s play a game! Construct a tower using legos. Roll a dice to see how many legos to use. Count the legos and build your tower. Then the next person can take a turn. Who’s tower is bigger? Who’s tower is smaller? On your next turn, continue to build on your original tower. Keep going until all of your legos are gone.


Time to work as a construction worker and construct a new bridge for Tinyville town. Use recyclable items around your house. When you are done constructing, place some cars on top. Will your structure hold the cars of Tinyville? If not, what can you do to change your design?


What is Construction? Watch this quick video to learn more about construction workers, and how they help their communities. Gather some ideas on how to construct your bridge for Tinyville.


Use Play-Doh and popsicle sticks to build a skyscraper. How tall can you build your building?

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In-Hand Resources


Community Helpers – Construction Workers In Hand Packet

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Speech & Language

Conversation starters: Conversation Starters: What does it mean to be a friend? What happens when you try to talk to someone and they aren’t paying attention? What can you do get someone’s attention if you want to talk with them? What feelings do you see the cat have in the story? What feelings do you see the mouse have in the story?

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