Colonizing Mars
Colonizing Mars

Today’s Activities


Watch: Mars 101, from  National Geographic

What did you learn about Mars that you didn’t know or that surprised you?

How are Earth and Mars similar? How are they different?

Many movies and books have explored what life on Mars would be like, from John Carter to The Martian, but they have all had different ideas as to what it would be like. What do YOU think living on Mars would be like? Write a short story about what you think living on Mars would be like. What would your everyday routine be like? What work would you do? What would you do for fun? Let your imagination run wild, and share your ideas with a friend or family member. Discuss what they think it would be like.


Watch: This is what life on Mars could be like

Colonizing Mars and expanding the human race beyond Earth is becoming more and more likely. While exciting, it is a hotly debated topic.  Write your opinions in a short essay about the benefits of colonizing Mars, and what are some of the problems that may arise or make it a bad idea.


Here are some math problems to understand the size and density of some of the celestial bodies in our solar system. Show all work. Fractions, yeah!

Mars Math

Create a timeline of NASA’s missions to Mars since 1997. What was the purpose of each mission?

Mars Exploration

Create a PowerPoint or summary of key facts about Mars including its geography, climate, orbit, moons, and exploration. Highlight the facts that you find most amazing about Mars.

Mars Facts


Space: the last frontier. But it wasn’t the first, humans have always explored frontiers. What are the similarities and differences between our potential attempts to colonizing the moon and Mars and the colonization of our own nation?

Colonizing America

Think about what you have learned about Mars. How would you plan a mission there, what do you feel is most important?

Mission to Mars


There are still frontiers here on Earth that people are exploring. Learn about them from the video links below.


Mariana Trench

Watch the National Geographic show, Mars. An exciting combination of real science and science fiction drama.

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