Community Helpers – Police
Police Officers serve and portect their community. They uphold the laws, and make sure the citizens of the community are safe! Let's learn more about police officers.

Today’s Activities


Theme: Community Helpers – Listen to both of the stories about Police Officers. Then think about why is it important to follow safety rules?


Finish this sentence, If I were a Police Officer I would help my community by ___________________ .


Will the driver get away with speeding, or with the policeman catch him first? Play the game – Stop the Speeding Car to work on number fluency.


This fingerprinting science activity for kids is a great for a DIY spy and detective party, learning about the human body or at-home CSI idea!


Let’s learn more about Police Officers, then fill out the Personal Family Information Sheet together with your family. Keep this in a safe place, in case you ever need the information.

Let's move

Let’s sing and dance with the kind police car!


Create a police badge. Use stickers, cut out shapes, or drawing to decorate your badge.

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In-Hand Resources


Community Helpers – Police In Hand Packet

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