Community Helpers – Mail Carriers
The post office and mail carriers are very important community helpers. They deliever mail to houses. Mail can be letters, catalogs, or boxes. Mail carriers have to deliver mail throughout the year, and they do not take any days off.

Today’s Activities


Theme: Community Helpers: Go on a virtual field trip to the post office. What do you do at a post office? What can the post office workers help you with? Have you ever been to the post office?


Practice writing your first and last name, as well as your address three times. Then write a letter to your teacher, and draw a picture. Place your letter in the mail.

sorting & Matching

Math Mail Sort: Create two piles, sort the mail into two separate piles ten frames that are less than 10, and ten frames that are more than 10. Write the number that represents each ten frame.


Create and Build your own personal mailbox. Your mailbox should have a slot for mail, and a way to get your mail out.

Let's Move

Let’s get our wiggles out with some Disco Yoga!


Pretend you work at a post office, sort and deliver mail. Use your mailbox while playing. Write or draw your own letters to send out. Have fun using your imagination! Here is a checklist for you to use when setting up your post office.

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