The Columbian Exchange and Contemporary Globalization
A multidisciplinary lesson in which students explore the relationship between the Columbian Exchange and modern globalization, as well as the positive and negative consequences of each.

Today’s Activities


Watch “Crash Course: The Columbian Exchange”

  • What was the Columbian Exchange?
  • What was “exchanged”?

Watch the video and play the games and try the activities for the Columbian Exchange on BrainPop


Open Google Doc DL 10.4a-b Columbian Exchange Source and follow the directions

Read the article, answer three short questions based on the article, and complete a graphic organizer based on what you learned.


Read the short PDF about the positive and negative impacts of the Columbian Exchange.

Watch Crash Course History of Science: The Columbian Exchange.

Complete the graphic organizer to summarize what you read in the article and what you learned from the video.

  • Carefully read the instructions on the top of the graphic organizer.

Note: (1) You may complete this activity without watching the video. (2) If you are struggling to edit the graphic organizer, draw it in your notebook, and write your responses.


Watch Crash Course: Globalization-The Upside and Crash Course: Globalization-Good or Bad?


Read the article concerning the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. 

Write or type a two-paragraph response to the questions (a)How do the Columbian Exchange and globalization relate to one another? What are the similarities and differences? (b) What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?

Create a poster comparing the positive and negative impacts of globalization.

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