Climate Change
Climate Change: Do you know the difference between weather and climate? Weather is one specific event. Climate is average weather recorded over a long period of time, 30 years or more! Today will examine how scientists have observed that Earth’s surface is warming and how that’s affecting plant and animal life. Journal a summary of the video with at least 4 main ideas.

Today’s Activities

REad it! Write IT!

Local impacts can have global consequences. Humans are causing accelerating changes in the atmosphere, on land, and in the oceans. Life in these changing environments is tough for many species. Let’s get introduced to Climate Change with this illustrated video from the California Academy of Science.

Math Solutions

Brain Teasers! Challenge yourself to solve these math puzzles. Share one or more with someone else and explain your thinking.

Nasa's Climate kids!

Extreme weather has impacted the migration of various species. Read this article from Nasa’s Climate Kids page about how climate change affected a certain bird population. Then build your own bird feeder at home!

Where are the squid?

As a result of climate change, the Humboldt Squid have invaded the West coast of both Americas, threatening the natural ecosystem. Watch this video and take a trip through its history. Journal your ideas about how this case provides evidence of climate change.

Play it!

Simulation time! In this game from NASA, you’ll attack greenhouse gases to let sun energy escape back through the atmosphere. Read the instructions before you start. (Flash Player required)

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Turning on transcripts for YouTube Videos [PDF]

Speech & Language

Focus on multiple meaning words: There is more than one definition for the word ‘root’. Can you think of at least two different meanings of the word ‘root’ using complete sentences.

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