Planet Protectors
Planet Protectors! Today let’s stop and think about all the beautiful things Earth provides us...and how we can help take care of our planet.

Today’s Activities

Write it!

Take this personality quiz to see what kind of planet-protector you are!

How persuasive are you?

Your task? Write a paragraph to convince your audience that they should help protect our planet. You can use this graphic organizer to plan your paragraph.

Math it!

Today challenge yourself to some math Brain Teasers.  See how many you can solve, then try to stump someone else!

Earth from space

We will celebrate Earth Day on April 22.  Seeing photographs of the Earth from outer space changed the way many people thought about our planet.  This 30-minute video shows some of these early photos and the cameras the first astronauts used, among other topics.

Let's move!

Get up and move with Not Dog from Go Noodle!

Create it!

Create a new comic book character… Planet Protector! You can download comic page templates here.

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Teaching Tips

Accessibility Feature

Turning on transcripts for YouTube Videos [PDF]

Speech & Language

Multiple meaning words: There is more than one meaning for the word ‘wave’. Can you think of at least two different meanings of the word ‘wave’ using complete sentences.

More 5th Grade Lessons

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Year in Review

Year in Review

Today's ActivitiesThe events you are living through today will be part of history tomorrow.  Stories people write about parts of their lives can be used by people in the future to learn about the past.  Learn more with this BrainPOP Jr. video. What will your future...

Fail Forward

Fail Forward

Today's ActivitiesDiscuss this picture with an adult at home.  What do you think it means?  Why do you think the illustrator chose an iceberg to represent success? Lookup any of the words under the water, labeled “What People Don’t See,” that you don’t know in a...

Field Day!

Field Day!

Today's ActivitiesWatch “Miss Nelson Has a Field Day” and fill out this story map to describe the plot elements.First, draw a large chalk 10 by 10 grid on the blacktop or sidewalk. Mark the numbers 1 through 10 along the top and down the left side. Get beanbags (or...