International Space Station
Life in space; the International Space Station.
Subjects: Science/STEM

Today’s Activities


What is the International Space Station (ISS)?

Watch the video below to learn about the ISS. 

#AskNASA | What is the International Space Station

Now that we have learned a little about the International Space Station, brainstorm a list of questions that you would want engineers and scientists to research on future ISS missions.

Explore this activity, and list 6 parts of the earth that you could identify from space. Do you know where you live, as seen from space? 


Use the following to guide you as you learn more about the ISS.  

  • What is the primary mission of the ISS?
  • Describe ISS as a cooperative project with more than 16 nations actively participating and as one of the greatest feats of human engineering.
  • Give examples of how living in space is different than living on Earth, and how engineers design technologies to make living in space possible.

Read, watch, and explore:


Do you think humans have a real future in space? Why or Why not? 

Make a T-Chart and label on side “Pros” and the other side “Cons” 

Using evidence from your exploration fill out the T-Chart.

Once you answer this question, discuss with several other people, and then explore the debate here.



Design DNA experiments that address a challenge in space exploration

Life on Earth has evolved under the effects of our gravity and the protection of our atmosphere. Manned space exploration opens up amazing new opportunities for life, and serious challenges too. 

If you’ve ever wondered how astronauts might survive a deep-space mission or how we might use biology to transform new worlds, Genes in Space is for you:

  • Propose an experiment that utilizes molecular biology capabilities aboard the ISS, specifically polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
  • Test your hypothesis in the ultimate lab: The International Space Station-Deadline May 9, 2020



Find out where ISS is tracking in the atmosphere above where you live.

Follow ISS on Instagram.

Follow NASA on Instagram.


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Engage your student to think about what living in space is like. What kids of challenges do they think would exist in zero gravity 24/7? You can use youtube and the wealth of NASA videos from the ISS to drive discussion and learning opportunities.

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