We find rocks all around us. Where did they come from? What are they made out of? Spend time collecting rocks today, observe them, and use them for activities today.

Today’s Activities


Theme: Rocks

Scroll down to Day 8 and listen to the story, “Sylvester and the Magic Pebble”.

Have your ever collected pebbles?

Sylvester did, and he found a magic one!

If you could wish for anything in the world, what would you wish for?

Watch the Sylvester story and find your own pebble and practice making wishes in your yard.


Choose two rocks.

Write a sentence about each one using describing words. (Describing words tell how objects look, feel, sound, taste, and smell.)

In your sentence you may want to use color words or size words. (big, little, etc.)

Find a rock that is little, one that is shiny, and one that is heavy. Use this sheet to draw a picture of each of your rocks and copy the describing word below. 

OR use the blank sheet.

Tell your own describing words to your adult helper so they can write the word on the top line.

Copy the word on the bottom line. (note: when using this paper, short letters (a,c, e, i) fit between the top and bottom lines. Tall letters (b, d, h, l, k) extend above the top line. 

Parents, help your child find pairs of rocks that are different. Hold them both up or let your child hold them and then ask your child to identify the one that is big/small, smooth/rough, heavy/light, dirty clean. Your child can do this expressively by saying the words or receptively by pointing to/picking up/giving you the correct rock. You can provide prompts by pointing to, holding closer to your child or otherwise making the correct answer more obvious.

Start a rock collection.

Start a rock collection.

Then, sort your rocks several ways.

Try sorting by color, size, the size of the minerals that make up that rock.

You can add using your rocks too.

Try using sentence frames similar to these: I have ___ brown rocks and __ black rocks. I have ___ rocks all together. ___+___ =____. or I have ____ rocks. If I take away ___ rocks, I have ____ rocks left.

Do a rock collecting race! Set a timer for 2 minutes and grab a bucket or make a pile and see how many rocks your child can collect during the time limit. You can collect a pile too! Practice counting the rocks and grouping them in 10’s. You can add the two piles together or subtract one from the other using the rocks as manipulatives.

Do the rock collection race stated above. Practice counting up the number your child can count to. If your child cannot count out loud, have them hand you each rock one at a time and you can count out loud. You can practice this going fast or slow. you can also practice counting up to a certain number (i.e., 10) then stopping when they have given you 10 rocks.

Rocks and Minerals

Learn about rocks and minerals on Brain Pop Jr.

Need a password to get in?

Try username: Lanesbobcats

password: kinderb1

This is a faster paced video with more real pictures that may be a bit easier for students with issues attending to the Brain POP video. Pause the video at the end to try to answer the questions like a rock detective.

Try to find rocks that match one or any of the rocks from either video provided.

Imagine you are a rock.

Imagine you are a rock.

Curl up on the floor and imagine, what would feel, see, and hear if you were a rock in the forest? at the beach? near a river?

Then, take your favorite rock and turn it into a pet rock! Use paint or any other materials you have at home.

Will your pet be an animal? an insect? an alien??

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OT Activity

Strengthen your hand muscles! Collect some small pebbles outside. Take play-do and use two hands to roll it into a snake. Press the pebbles into your snake with your thumb and pointer finger to decorate your snake. Next, pinch your snake between your thumb and each fingertip to make curves in the snake’s body. Next, take some play-doh and flatten it into a pancake. Use your pebbles to make a face. What other ideas can you come up with?

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