The shape of things to come
The shape of things to come...Have you ever noticed that there are shapes all around us in the world? We see geometry in buildings, street signs--even in the petals on a flower! Today's challenge? How many shapes can you identify in the things you see?

Today’s Activities

read and explore

Building Shapes in Sand? Click on this link and scroll down to Week 2 Day 7 to read the article, “Sand Sculptor”. How many polygons can you identify in the first sand sculpture picture? Challenge a family member to see who can find the most.

What other shapes do you see in the sculptures? 

What design would you make in sand? Draw a picture.

What other materials can you find outside to make art with?


What do these shapes have in common? Click on this link to challenge yourself to find attributes of the shapes in each part of the Venn Diagram. Background and notes for the At-home Teacher can be found at this link

Count the number of sides on each shape and label them.

Draw and label all the shapes you know or see around you.


Glass! Look up 5-10 of the “blue” words in this article and define them. Where else might you find these words?

What are some things made out of glass? List the steps needed to make glass from the article. Look up some of the “blue” words in the article and write a new sentence with them.

Design a vase or ornament! What is something you would make from glass? Look up some of the “blue” words with a partner.


History of Sand Art- Look up the different types of sand art in this article. Which one is your favorite?

List different types of sand art. Which type of sand art is your favorite? Why?

Pick your favorite type of sand art from the article and make your own example of sand art.

Move it!

Brain Break! Get up and move with Zumba Kids!

paint it!

Egg-shaped Art, click this link to view a tutorial on an Easter Egg inspired watercolor project. Besides watercolor paints, a brush, and paper you will also need a waterproof black marker (Sharpie), crayons or oil pastels, and white glue.

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Teaching Tips

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Speech & Language

There is more than one definition for the word ‘felt’. Can you think of at two least different meanings of the word ‘felt’ using complete sentences?

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