Today’s Activities


Listen to the Story The Easter Egg.

How would you like to enter an Easter Egg decorting contest?

How would you decorate your egg?

If you could help the Easter Bunny hide eggs, where would you hide them?

Use POSITION words to describe where you would hide your easter eggs if you were the Easter bunny.

For example, maybe you would hide one ON the deck chair or UNDER a fallen log.

Use the attached communication board to tell your adult helper what you need to decorate your easter egg! 

teen numbers

Draw a large egg on paper.

Write teen numbers (11-19) in different sections on the egg.

Use stickers, cut shapes, or draw to show the value of each number. (If you don’t have large paper, you can cut paper grocery sacks, newspaper or old wrapping paper.)

Let’s review our shapes.

Using this easter egg sheet, find and count the different kinds of shapes.

Color each shape a different color. 

Make A Tower

Make a tower with plastic eggs.

How many egg tops did you use?

How tall is your tower?

How many of each color did you use?

Create a tally chart to show how many.

Try these alternate activities:

1. Sort your eggs by COLOR before building.

2. Try building your tower in an A-B pattern.


Write your sight words on small pieces of paper.

Put them into plastic Easter eggs (if you don’t have eggs, you can fold them or roll them up).

Have someone hide the eggs in the house or yard.

Go on an egg hunt!

Open the eggs and read and spell each word.

You can play over and over again.

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In-Hand Resources


Easter In Hand Packet

Teaching Tips

Accessibility Feature

Turning on transcripts for YouTube Videos [PDF]

Speech & Language

Focus on describing a character.

Using the worksheet, draw a picture and write some words or sentences that describe Hoppi, the main character in Jan Brett’s “The Easter Egg.”

Occupational therapy: Focus on drawing straight lines. Using the worksheet, practice straight and slanted lines. 

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