Chicks hatch in the spring. They are cute, fuzzy and loads of fun. Today's theme revolves around these adorable little creatures.

Today’s Activities


Theme: Chicks
Listen to the story: “Rosie’s Walk”, then read the book “A Chick Grows Up”. Complete the puzzler activities, below the stories.

Click on “read aloud” to have the book “A Chick Grows Up” read out loud as you follow along. Here are some of the important words you can learn in this book: HEN, CHICKS, NEST, BEAK, HATCH. There is a tricky one, too: DOWN. How is this meaning of “down” different from the one you already know?

Using these printable materials, cut out the pictures and act out the story. See “speech and language” tips to the right to help you focus on position words. 


Draw a chick, and write a sentence about the chick that you drew.

Leveled learning extension 1: Draw a chick, then dictate a sentence for your adult helper to write. Copy or trace the sentence.

Leveled learning extension 2: Print out and color this chick, or color it online. Dictate a sentence about the nest to your adult helper. Trace or copy the sentence. 

number order

Print out the chick worksheet, fill in the missing numbers 1-20.

Extension: Cut the chicks from the worksheet, mix them up then put your numbers in order from 1-20

Use these puzzles to match the written number with the number of bunnies you see. 

life cycle of a chicken

Learn the life cycle of a chicken.

Watch the video then write what you observed (noticed) about the chick.

What do you notice? What do you Wonder?

Draw a picture that represents your observation.


Dance with Maximo – The Chicken Dance

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In-Hand Resources


Chicks In Hand Packet

Teaching Tips

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Turning on transcripts for YouTube Videos [PDF]

Speech & Language

Many children have trouble understanding and using words that describe POSITION or LOCATION. After reading the story “Rosie’s Walk,” use these materials to act out the story, focusing on the POSITION words. ACROSS the yard AROUND the pond OVER the haystack PAST the mill THROUGH the fence UNDER the beehives.

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