National Poetry Month
April is National Poetry Month! Let's celebrate by exploring Spring: Connecting with Nature. Then, we'll take a look at how interacting with nature is beneficial to our well-being as humans. Finally, use your knowledge of integers and rates to answer questions about spring snowmelt in the Sierra Nevadas!

Today’s Activities

Poem reading - writing prompt

Read the poem “The Hand” by Mary Ruefle, twice, thinking about the student in the poem. Notice the imagery. Take a moment to think about the following questions and write down your answers (using complete sentences, of course!).

  1. Why do you suppose the student doesn’t raise their hand? Explain your reasoning with details from the poem.
  2. Make a list of the items in this poem that the student enjoys looking at and/or engaging with. Do these items have anything in common?
  3. Have you ever felt like the student in this poem? If so, describe the situation, using as many sensory details as possible.

Write a poem about empowering yourself using the “Happy Birthday to You” beat.

When’s your birthday. Find the month and day on a calendar. Write or say two things that you would like for your birthday.

How quickly is snow melting in our Sierra Nevada mountains?

Using the facts below, and your knowledge of integers and averages, answer the following questions about snowmelt. After a snow-packed winter of 2019, there are signs that this year’s Sierra Nevada snow season could wind up below average. At the start of 2020 (Jan. 1), the statewide snowpack was 90% of normal for the time of year. That level dropped to 72% at the beginning of February and is now at 64% (March 1). [Satellite photos of A Dry Winter]


  1. Use an integer to represent the change in the Sierra snowpack from January 1 to February 1.
  2. Use an integer to represent the change in the Sierra snowpack from February 1 to March 1.
  3. Using an integer, what is the total overall change in the Sierra snowpack from January 1 to March 1?
  4. What was the average change in the snowpack per month?


Brain Pop Jr. – Even and Odd

Social Emotional Health

Explore the positive effects that nature has on our brains, moods, and emotions, based on research from the University of Minnesota. Fascinating articles take a look at how being in nature can have a positive effect on stress, depression, and ADHD.

Notice 5 Things Activity:
Go find a place outside that you either like or somewhere new that you havent spent a lot of time in before. Find a safe place to sit and take 10 deep breaths (in your nose and out your mouth). Parents can next prompt their student to notice 5 things, 1 per sense. Start with labeling something they hear, next ask them if they notice any smells, next ask them what they feel (temperature, textures, wind, etc). Next you can ask them what they see when they look around themselves and finally ask if they have any tastes in their mouth or on their breath. Record these answers on the sheet provided here.

If your students can’t do all of the parts of the Notice 5 Things activity you may be able to prompt them through a different more experience based version. Walk with your child into a nature spot near your home and help them to touch or feel 5 different textures, smell 5 different items, look around and point at 5 different things, finally have them close their eyes and just listen. Lets hold off on tasting items in nature for now.

Stay active and stay safe

These suggestions encourage families to become more physically active during these trying times. Each day, students are asked to complete each set of activities with a family member.  April 6-10 “At Home” PE suggestions.

Hip Hop Astronaut 

GoNoodle for families

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