This study unit is called “Relationships.” Mikki Williams, Jamestown Elementary.

Today’s Activities


Read “Two Famous Friends”. It is an article about the friendship between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. They didn’t always agree on everything, but they remained friends.

Then watch this a paired fable, “The Lion and the Mouse”. It tells the story of the relationship between the two main characters. 

For the “Two Famous Friends” passage, click on “guiding questions” to the right of the screen to help check your understanding of the passage.

Watch the Lion and The mouse video on youtube which also includes a vocabulary lesson embedded. The story has the same theme as the Thomas Jefferson and John Adams story about how friends may have disagreements. Ask your child the following questions.

1) Who got trapped by the lion? (if you need to you can use the choices below) a) the mouse b) the rabbit c) the grasshopper

2) What did the mouse do to anger the lion? a) took his lunch b) ran over his body and woke him up c) called him a name

3) How was the lion kind to the mouse? (if you need to you can use the choices below) a) he gave the mouse some food b) he let the mouse go instead of hurting him or c) he made the mouse a new house

4) Where did the lion get trapped? a) in a hole b) in a net c) in a swamp

5) How did the mouse help the lion a) gave him a sticker b) gave him a snack c) chewed through the net to free him

6) How did the story end? a) they became good friends b) they never spoke again c) the lion ate the mouse

Math and patterns

Use this worksheet “Sidewalk Patterns.” Through the patterns created, you can start to see the relationships between numbers.

On a piece of paper, or using chalk outside, draw a number line from 1-20 and pratice “skip counting” by twos, threes, fives.

Using math manipulatives, such as coins, beads, legos ect, make groups of ten and practice counting by 10’s. If your child is succesful with this, help them work on groups of 5’s and/or 2’s, 3’s


Mystery Science!

The science portion comes from Mystery Science. It is about the unique relationships twins have.

Watch the Mystery Science video with your child and discuss the questions about twins presented in the slide show. Make sure to watch the Bonus videos, they are awesome!

Do some of the fun activities demonstrated in the videos about mirrors: use a standing mirror, your bathroom mirror, spoons, etc. If you have an animal, see what happens if you put them in front of a mirror!

Follow this link and skip all the way through to the bonus videos.  Do some of the fun activities demonstrated in the videos about mirrors: use a standing mirror, your bathroom mirror, spoons, etc. If you have an animal, see what happens if you put them in front of a mirror!

move It!

Watch the Sonic “Here Comes the Boom” GoNoodle video and do your best to copy the dances.

Pause the video after each different dance move and practice it before resuming the video. Make sure your student is trying his or her best to copy the moves in real time when you re-start the video.

If your student is struggling you can stand next to or behind them and help them do the moves by helping their arms or legs make the movements. For our students who struggle with mobility or motivation, try this from a seated position and just try to copy the hand motions

Create It!

Finally there is an art activity called “Kaleidoscope Lettering Design.” You can explore patterns and mirror image relationships through this activity. All you need is some paper, a pencil, scissors, a black marker, and colored pencils/crayons.

Choose a kaleidoscope. Print and color it, or color online

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Speech & Language

Thinking about the passage “Two Famous Friends,” react to this discussion question: Throughout their friendship, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams often had different opinions about political topics, even though they were friends. Have you ever disagreed with a friend? Did you worry you wouldn’t be friends any more if you disagree? What are some ways you could express your own opinion without insulting or putting down your friend?

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