Nature Spy
We can learn so much by observing the world around us. Today's focus will be on observing nature. Take time to really "notice" details about what you see and to "wonder" about them. What would you like to know about them? Can you research to find the answers?

Today’s Activities

Listen and Read

Listen to the story “Nature Spy”

Let's Move!

Go on a nature walk. Collect items for your nature journal along the way.

Do the Rainforest Explorer Dance

Write it!

Watch this video about wonder and curiosity.

After your nature walk, write about one object you found. Include one “noticing” and one “Wondering”.



Sort the items you found on your nature walk.

  • How many different ways can you find to sort them? Use words to explain to a grown-up why you chose to sort them the way you did. (color, shape, etc.).
  • You can also create patterns using natural objects. Check out this resource video to find out how.


Make a nature Journal. Be creative and use materials you already have. Pipe cleaners or loosly tied yarn can be used instead of binder rings, and you may use many various materials to make your front cover. Have fun!

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